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The point of the post is that I always find myself massaging my breasts when they are sore as it makes the pain subside. I was just curious that if doing so was hindering development! Introductions can be so hard. Thanks for saying something everyone. Perhaps the best thing I can say is that tomorrow can be better than today. I have found that with time it gets easier as I get more confident in who and what I am. In the meantime, you're not alone. We are always here.

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Happy Birthday's. Hi, I'm Cassie. Hi Cassie, Welcome to Transpulse. I'm glad you're here! I think we all felt very alone when we first accepted that we are trans. I know I did. But you're not alone anymore. We've got each other now! Hi Cassie, from what you have written you are going to fit into this place very well, so get looking, reading, and throwing your own voice into things. The fact you have a counselor is one of the best things we here, especially since you say you have only recently identified your True Self. Sexuality is the least of your concerns since being Trans is not primarily about having sex.

Other things are more important, but yes, you sound like one of us. I recently figured out my true identity, and feel very alone. I've started therapy, and she's wonderful, but I can only see her once a week for an hour.

I just want to communicate with others like me, if there are any, or at least a sympathetic ear. I'm a girl in the wrong body, stuck living in a place where I can't be my true self. As an additional cosmic joke I like girls, as a lesbian, not a hetero male. I'm aware that makes no sense. I'm really just looking to make friends to have someone to talk to. GCS wait list.

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Marci was my surgeon and I am super happy. Just the fact that you have the possibility there is front of you will keep you going. The date stamp on this picture is not correct, the date for this one was Jan. I was going in to get my catheter and packing taken out and a hand bag containing the catheter pouch is behind my back.

I like to do a lot of writing when I feel stressed about something, whether it's poetry, music, a journal or blog of some kind or even letters to people ones I never have any intention of sending. Writing can be very therapeutic and a great way to just get it all out.

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I actually did a post on here earlier kind of going through what's been going on with me lately and I honestly can't even tell you how good I felt after just having gotten it all out. I am sorry to say that for now, there is not really much since it is not safe for you to come out fully. You certainly have us here, and you would not be the first person where we were their only "out" time for a long stretch of time, but we do hear success stories down the line from them. When it hits me that I have been in some stage of Transition longer than you have been alive and all the times I thought the Dysphoria would never end in those years, all I can really do is say that if you take life one day at a time they do add up and some are a lot of fun and happiness,.

I find myself constantly being singled out as the only girl. Only girl in the french horn section, "arent you so lucky to have a daughter, and so on. Even reverse, today, i was at a competition. My parents and two close friends. Heck my parents would be pissed if i did, when i came out i was told not to tell a tone of people. They have their reason, im not exactly surrounded by supportive people school, home area, even state i live in the south. But still, it get me all twisted up on the inside.

Its like breaking a bone but not being able to fix it. Is there any way mentally to help ease the pain? Just want to share that I have put a hold on wanting FFS and after serious thoughts and talking to both my therapist and my endo. Bowers and I have it set with myself being open within a year time for any cancellation and I get moved up the list. I got to talk with Dr. Bowers over Skype since I am in another state and I told her about my pre-existing and she was concerned with the surgery I had firs to remove the infected testicle, but since the incesion was on my pelvis, I do still have fro what she can see over Skype enough skin still.

I need to at least go to the meltzer clinic and have them look at it and get pictures that way and have them send it over to Dr. Bowers to have the look over and also make sure my weight is fine.

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Both my therapist and Endo are working on keeping me safe and happy and comfortable. You are in the middle TransSingle presents a video of top 10 things about trans people who often misunderstand.

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One of the greatest challenges a Trans Man face is to accept, embrace and love oneself. To accept themselves for Many trans guys count on FTM dating site to find a partner. While there are some who are there because This is mainly Buck Angel is an icon of the transgender community. Facial hair and manliness go hand in hand.

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It is therefore important for FTM transgender guys to know the nuts You are faced with a plethora of challenges personally, sexually, and socially. If you As an FTM transgender guy, how you feel is equally as important as how you look. Users can also tell Mesh if they are interested in meeting men, women, or everyone.

Like OKCupid, Mesh has an algorithm that helps determine compatibility. But the site also gets really deep into matching. This has the potential to make online dating more thorough and more fruitful, but safety and acceptance for trans people who date online may take more than an algorithm.

LaMon prefers to be out about his gender with potential dates.

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He thinks people will figure it out anyway when they meet him. But not every transgender person wants to be this open. Colleen, who asked that we not use her real name, is a year-old transgender woman who has been dating online since she was a teenager. She's in a monogamous relationship now, but before she fell in love she had an OKCupid profile that identified her as a straight woman.