Famous closeted gays

He wrote a book on the topic called Why Marriage Matters and was listed as one of Time 's most influential people in the world in Kameny fought tirelessly for equal rights throughout his life. He and the D. He was also a key player in getting the American Psychiatric Association to no longer list homosexuality as a mental disorder.

History of gay men in the United States

The flag was first unveiled at the San Francisco Pride Parade in and has become a universal symbol for the community. Hay attempted to unite closeted gay men in L. That group later became known as the Mattachine Society. He ran twice for a position on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and lost both races. He won a spot on the City-County Board in after earning the nickname "Mayor of Castro Street," making him the first openly gay elected official in California.

Milk spent his time on the board working on many issues including gay rights before his assassination in November Baldwin was writing gay and bisexual characters years before the LGBTQ movement fully took form and up until his death in When asked about his sexuality, he was a firm believer in fluidity over rigid categorization.

26 Famous Gay People in History - LGBTQ Rights Movement Facts for Pride Month

He was also active in the Civil Rights Movement. Mock came out publicly as trans in and has been writing about the trans experience and a variety of other topics for many outlets. She was grand marshal of the New York City's Pride March in as well as the first Queens pride celebration in Manford was posthumously awarded the Presidential Citizens Medal by Obama in Revered as a pioneer of the modern gay rights movement, Ulrich was a German writer credited as the first person to publicly "come out" in He sought to end the idea that queerness and pedophilia were intertwined. Ulrich coined the term "urning" to describe his same-sex attraction.

Urlichs later rejected the term "homosexual," because he felt queer identity went beyond just sexual acts. He also expressed his belief that this was something people were born with. Kramer rose to literary fame in the s focusing his work on the gay experience. His unfiltered and aggressive approach forced him to part ways with the group and set his sights higher to the people and organizations that were not paying attention to the problem.

Matlovich stood up to the military's ban on gay service members by coming out in a letter to his commanding officer in He was given a general discharge from the Air Force, which he unsuccessfully challenged. A judge finally ruled in his favor in even offering five years back pay and the two sides later came to a settlement.

Matlovich's case became relevant once again during the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" era and even more recently with the attempted ban on transgender service members. Hirschfeld was a German doctor who began studying sexuality while living in Berlin in with a focus on homosexuality. He felt strongly that taking a scientific approach to the understanding of sexual minorities would lead to tolerance and acceptance.

He co-founded the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee, which was the world's first gay rights organization. Johnson was a transgender woman and one of the main instigators of the Stonewall uprising. Her death sparked outrage in the community after it was ruled a suicide with little investigation. An activist named Mariah Lopez got the case reopened in in the hopes of bringing justice to her death and the countless other members of the trans community who are murdered every year.

Rivera was rumored to have thrown one of the first bottles during the Stonewall uprising in , but she was also fighting for LGBTQ rights for years before that. She worked alongside Marsha P. Tatchell has been on the front line of the movement since the late s and remains a major player in the fight for human rights all over the world. He helped organize the first Pride March in Britain in Baldwin earned her place in history in when she became the first openly gay person elected to Congress.

She was also the first openly gay person in the Senate after her election in After coming out as trans to family and friends in , Conway joined the fight for transgender rights. She launched a website providing resources and offering advice to the trans community. Conway's fight included standing up to the psychiatric community to eliminate Gender Identity Disorder from the vernacular.

The group sought to provide support for candidates who backed legislation that push the movement forward. Type keyword s to search.

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Getty Images. Audre Lorde. Barbara Gittings. Bayard Rustin. Lambda Legal. That, to me, was one of the most interesting characters to enter the film.

The Fabulous Potency of Truman Capote and Gertrude Stein

Do you know anything about that friendship and what drew Kinsey to Bowers? Yes, I do. Kinsey sought Scotty out as a subject because he attempted to find certain sexual unicorns who could show him spectrums of sexuality that were never discussed and inaccessible to medical research up until that point. Scotty was one of those people, according to him. This gets to one of the major points in the movie, which is that the gay world in Hollywood had to be a secret because the consequences of being open were just too dire. It was not an easy time to be gay, especially in a city that had so many spotlights on its population and its environment.

So Scotty introduced Kinsey to Rock Hudson and many other people in the city who were keen to meet the person who showed them perhaps for the first time that they were not degenerates or freaks or sexual outlaws but that they were normal human beings. Someone in the film says he thought Bowers was almost something of an urban legend for a while, but you obviously got significant access to him. Was he open to the documentary from the start? What was your relationship like with him? The person who said that was William Mann, who is a very esteemed historian and Hollywood biographer.

So I figured out how to find him through Gore Vidal, who introduced me to him. I had heard about him for years from sources in Hollywood and subjects of articles I had written about. At the time, I was a full-time writer, editor-at-large for Vanity Fair magazine, and I began to make notes about this mysterious gas station that seemed to be a kind of significant untold story about the secret world of gay Hollywood.

He had reconnected with Scotty in the last five years of his life. Well, in that area it was the ultimate. Because Vidal was a very brave, out gay man, and he, I think, knew all the secrets of Hollywood — or most of them. He thought that it was ridiculous that they were so protected and very hypocritical, and I think he knew who to go to to blow the lid off. This movie left me thinking about the politics of being gay in Hollywood today. By comparison, where do you think Hollywood is in ? Like any big city, things are much better. There have been extraordinary strides in the abilities or people with sexual identities other than hetero to thrive and find acceptance.

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