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He's just too fond of showing off his legs and buttocks. It's all an act. R15, I have never had any interest in straight men and bisexual men repulse me. However, he frequently mentions that he enjoys having sex with women, has had relationships with them and only had any interest in men much later in life. Johnny V is openly bisexual whether he wants to admit it or not, and got all angry when he was called out on it because he doesn't want to be ran out of the industry.

I am not glorifying supposedly straight men who are "forced" by the circumstances to have sex with men. I am talking about a bisexual guy who is all ambiguous about his true sexuality and a fake gay guy who is in reality bisexual, and lie to gay audiences for the sake of attention. Is that so difficult to understand? Are you seriously unaware of the amount of gay porn stars who have girlfriends?

Most of Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher's models fall into this category. The three of them together still wouldn't be able to complete a NY Times weekday crossword puzzle.

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R21 OK well I mean what woman would have sex with a gay porn actor who publicly has a gay porn actor bf? The Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher models don't publicly announce relationships with men, do they? There is an abundance of women who love the idea of gay-for-pay and gay guys turned straight by the power of pussy surprisingly enough, there are quite a few "gay" men who are also obsessed by this notion of a gay guy turning ex-gay thanks to sex and relationships with women.

So yes, they have MANY female fans who would love to sleep with them or see them sleep with women, because they want to feel validated and improve their self-esteem by their ability to turn a gay man straight. Also, many of them, like Austin Wolf, Adam Russo, Rogan Richards and Ryan Rose, constantly brag about how desirable women find them and how often they have sex with women, so don't underestimate the level of crazy that many of these guy's female fans display.

R29, look for the "yestergay" movement or the Outstraight forum if it still exists. Also, down at JUB you'll find lots of these freaks in the bisexual forum. Joey D is not bisexual, he is gay, gay, gay. I knew him in the early s when I lived in Chicago. His real name is Chris Downey. What kind of woman wants to date and be involved with a man who does gay porn for a living or even as a steady side-line? Johnny V physically looks like the blond, jock bully that tortured you in high school and you got to hate-fuck later. He has gotten a little better as a porn performer - when he started he was just awful.

Dull, dull, dull. I saw a clip where he was being interviewed and was asked "What are the things about you that guys like? I like cocky guys but that kind of OTT arrogance is not sexy to me. I once asked Joey D about his sexual orientation on ask. I thought Johnny V and Joey D were only marketing themselves as gay, but are really bi or straight. Johnny V has a overgroomed gay face and I think he is indeed gay. Joey D looks like average straight guy you can find in the corner. I had watched his solo cam show, and he did jerk like a bored straight guy. I don't know much about Luke but he is the hot one here.

Gay porn addicts seem to come in two flavours: It's always either self-torture or self-delusion. Joey D is behind the new website AmericanMuscleHunks, he is actively recruiting new talents for their thruple, quadruple, quintuple R59, according to him, he does. He often speaks about liking women, enjoying sex with them and in his ask. However, R33 says that he was openly gay several years ago, so Who knows? Maybe his sexuality "changed" and he was latently bisexual all along? That clearly sounds like he is not hetero. Given his past and present in sexual matters and the avoiding of lables obvioulsy say he is not hetero.

I doubt he's a hetero. He's probably just a lying, self-hating gay who tries to will himself to like women sexually. As for the thruple, they're all attentionwhoring. They get enough sex while at "work" Relationships are more about sex He was onced asked a question about his sexual orientation on ask. He didn't state he was heterosexual.

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Hetero or bi, there's nothing interesting about him. I strongly doubt that he is in a relationship with Johnny V, though - have you seen them interact on YouTube? Their body language doesn't exactly spell attraction or even interest.

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Also, Joey only gets enthusiastic when people ask him about sex with women, but indifferently answers the questions that have anything to do with men. Johnny V is bisexual, without a single doubt. He follows a ton of female porn stars, has said that he loves the idea of doing straight porn and in his ask. As for Luke Adams, he is there for the publicity and whatever little attention that this throuple is receiving.

It's clear that this is merely a publicity stunt from a straight guy with "bi tendencies" yeah, sure , a closet bisexual in the line of Boomer Banks and Charlie Harding, and a gay attention whore who likes people to talk about him. Actually, it is such a turn-off when a guy who isn't heterosexual has so many issues with identifying as either homosexual or bisexual but still engages in same-sex stuff.

R68, he refuses to state his sexuality because he's an egomaniac and loves it when people keep asking him. I strongly doubt that he was ever gay and I am not entirely convinced about him being anything close to fully bi. He couldn't be any more bored and uninterested. I guess that the attention he gets from desperate gay men and women obsessed with gay porn stars, is a lot more than what he would get with hetero porn, and that's why he is "engaged" to that other liar Johnny V.

Two unsexy guys, good bodies but Jonny V needs 10 pounds of makeup to cover the ugly, and the other one is just gross and boring. Now they're adding a third porn star? This will go well I'm sure.

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Waiting for the news reports about the police being called in regarding some drug fuelled stabbing or bitch slap. Johnny V hands-down has the ugliest face in porn in a long time, if not ever. It's spectacularly ugly, like his head was pinched in a vice and he was pulled out by the nose and forehead.

Really, R79?

Wasn't Joey D finishing his PhD in Psychology or something like that, after achieving an enviable degree in Architectural Interior Design code for glorified decorator? The scenes I've seen with them haven't looked like "bored" or "not into it" at all. R66, R69 - still the same straight-worshipping tranny who thinks as long as a guy is not a sissy pissy tranny he can't be attracted to men.

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R86, tranny is an insult for transsexuals, which I am not and insulting transsexuals doesn't say anything about you. If you had any intelligence, you could see that I am displeased with Johnny V's and Joey D's lies, and that I am not to thrilled about gay and bisexual men ruining gay porn. Just go to Joey D's ask. Neither is he bisexual.

As for Johnny V, he got all pissy about being called out for lying about his bisexuality 'cause he doesn't want to be ran out of the industry - especially now that he has his own porn project. Tranny is an insult for fem gays pre-op transsexuals who despise gay and bisexual men who don't want to cut off dick and become "straight" woman, just like you R People, please read Joey D's blog, linked above, in which he details several relationships with MEN, all documented as they occurred, and all taking place prior to his start in porn.

He is not straight. He is not bisexual. He is gay. If gay porn stars talk about their girlfriends real or not , or "being turned on" by women in interviews, it's all part of the act. Why would they even bother to mention it, if it isn't? Unattainability sells. Well, if he wanted to sell unattainability he wouldn't make his relationship with Johnny and now Luke public.

Just like that racist couple from Broke Straight Boys who pretended to be straight with girlfriends and now they're marrying each other. R94, true, he was a self-hating fag wouldn't even bottom on camera because that's "too gay" but fucked vagina bareback and died like a self-hating fag. Good riddance! I had to delete all my Rogan Richards porn because, as hot as I found him, his interviews and Twitter image just sicken me.

He fucks them all the time but, because he says he is gay, that make s him gay.

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R96, why are you so afraid of the B-word? He's bi. And yes, he's another liar. Then bisexuals wonder why we find them untrustworthy. Rogan Richards acts like a straight man out to trick the dumbass gays who will fall for any lie. He doesn't even use the word "Bisexual", but "GAY! R98, submissive heteronormative trannies fem gays love to be abused by "straight" men, so he's playing their wishes.