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Still great pricing especially as growth is projected both in population and tourism. True, tomcal. Definitely a city I would like to visit soon. It seems that Mexico is becoming the retirement destination for North Americans. Is that possible? I would love to buy a winter place down there and escape the harsh winters of Northern Ontario, Canada. Jim Mann who I referenced above is the listing agent. I think I could swing to grand for a condo.

A small condo in my home town goes for around K. I find it interesting that so many friends I have know from my trips to Canada, Thailand and Spain are now spending more and more time in Mexico. Is prostitution legal there?

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Yes and no I understand legality and regulatory systems are state-specific. I do not know if either client or worker can be indicted technically.

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I think I saw some ambiguous info on wiki a while back. And it is close to the U.

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But to me, Most Mexicans are not attractive. There are just too many short, choppy Mexicans. And unlike Brazilians, Mexican guys don't put focus on their body image, there is only a small percentage of ppl in Mexico going to gym same in Colombia, but Colombian guys have more handsome faces and are not short or choppy. No gym toned or muscular bodies. Kevin i thought the same as you before my friend convinced me to come down here over a year ago.

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  • And the majority of guys are like the majority of guys you would find in LA or Chicago or NYC in a gay bar, but the ones that are for hire keep themselves in better shape then average! And that is a pretty strong statement on my part! I will be in PV Sept It is simply unfair to the rest of us. Bobbolino, first let me say that up until the present time, for me nothing is as great as Brazil when it comes to gay sex!

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    But we all need backup plans! In between Brazil trips i used to go to Europe, specifically Prague, London and Barcelona, but the flights there from LA are long and across 9 time Zones! It was getting harder on my old body! And europe is certainly not cheap!